Airstream Diner model overview
Here you will find all information about the original Airstream Diner.?

Roka Werk GmbH is the official importer of Airstream Caravans and the leading supplier of premium catering vehicles in Europe. For more than 50 years we are well know manufacturer of commverial kitchens and since more than 25 years we are manufacturering catering vehicles. To meet the demand of our customers, we have developed together with Airstream USA a model range of Airstream Diners. These original Airstream Diners are based on the latest European Airstream models. The shells are manufactured in the main factory of Airstream Inc. Ohio. The interior fit in commercial quality out is then carried out in our factory in Merenberg.

Airstream Diner One

Lightweight catering trailer with a 5.3 m body
5.3 Meters of construction length and a maximum total weight of 1900 kg make this Airstream diner a perfect, spacious yet lightweight partner for your streetfood concepts.

Length: 6.8 meters
Width: 2.5 m
Empty weight:
approx. 1600kg

Max. weight: 1900 KG.
Price: from 92.340 € net

Airstream Diner XL

Professional kitchen with a 7 meter body length
Spectacular 8.2 meters external dimension and 6.8 meters of construction length help this Airstream diner to approximately 17 square meters of footprint.

Length: 8.25 meters
Width: 2.5 m
Empty weight: approximately 2400 kg
Max. weight: 3000 KG
Price: from 123.825 € net

Airstream Winebar

Wine and airstream caravans - two things that get better and better with age. In the Airstream Wine Bar we have them united. For further information please do not hesitate to contact our consulting team.

Length: 8.25 meters
Width: 2.5 m
Empty weight: approx. 2600 kg
Max. weight: 3000 KG
Price: from 159.000 € net

Custom Made Airstreams

Built exactly to your requirements
In addition to the standardized and weight-optimised models Airstream Diner One and Airstream Diner XL, we also develop and manufacture customized vehicles according to your requirements. Here you will find some of our projects of the past years.

Here you will find a couple of custom made projects. For further assistance please dont hesitate to contact us.