(Mengerskirchen / Waldernbach,) ) SAP opts for airstream promotional trailer for road show and live shows digitalization! at the customer.

Many events are now interchangeable: keynotes, lectures, exhibition stands and evening events. Instead of having the pressure to find the right person, in a mass of customers, SAP drives directly to the customer and brings together all those interested in a digital presentation table.

For this purpose, the SAP has can convert one of the legendary American caravan of the airstream brand as a promotion vehicle. The flagship of the European airstream fleet was converted for this purpose by the official European importer ROKA-WERK GmbH airstream and other partners, according to the customer requirements. He also serves as a technology for smart home technologies and a business lounge.

The Airstream? covers six main topics: Internet of things, machine learning, Blockchain, live decision making, customer engagement and user experience. Besides the various scenarios the participants can try out exciting innovative technologies - by voice control with the help of Amazon ECHO, about drones of the latest generation, up to the HoloLens Microsoft. This allows a new type of customer interaction, where the agenda is set according to the client's wishes and the themes are individually adapted. Live can be experienced at the SAP-tour for banks and insurance companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, digitization and innovation under the motto be digitisation in the airstream.

New businesses to open up existing and new customers should be inspired by the visit by 80 customers in the years 2017 and 2018, as well as additional participation in public events. On the basis of application cases, SAP shows the concrete added value of digitization on this tour and shows a sustained and concrete benefits.

For more information and booking requests to the tour, visit the site:?http://events.SAP.com/de/tour-Banken-versicherer/de/home