A true design icon
A look into an Airstream and you understand immediately what is built for: to live, to travel, to discover the world in a unique way. Eight decades after its introduction art historians and design experts are still passionate about his appearance, the simplicity and yet emotionally appealing design. An Airstream embodies an own lifestyle and combines luxury and timeless design like no other vehicle. With up to 20 real glass Windows, our European Airstream models offer unparalleled ambience. In an airstream, you are always connected the outside world and will never feel locked up. It's aluminum scin reflected sky, beach, sun and earth and leave and let you discover the world in a whole new way!

Semi Monoquoce design
Airstream trailers are worldwide known for their semi Monoquoce lightweight design. The outer and an inner aluminium skin are hand riveted with thousands of rivets on a lightweight skeleton. This unique design creates strength and rigidity paired with low weight and durability.


Unique Production
The production of an Airstream is unique in the industry. Not only because of the high-quality materials, but also due to the special production process. In the first step, a lightweight but stable aluminium framework is planked by clear lacquer coated aircraft aluminium and several hundred rivets by hand. After the installation of the windows the shell is mounted on the chassis.

Protection against wind and weather
Before installing the interiour skinn, each trailer is weather tested in a special test cabin. The weather simulated in this cabin equals a category 2 hurricane. Using this method Airstreams quality control can find possible leaks and permanently eliminate them. After a successful leak test, workes install the the harness and the insulation made out of recycled glass, before closing the inside with another skin of aluminium

Everything needs to go through the door
Once the interior skin has been installed the interior built out begins. All furnishings and equipment are brought through the door into the vehicle. This also means: in case of a something needs to be serviced or repaired all parts can easily removed again through the door. This production process is significantly more labour consuming and more expensive than for vehicles in large series construction. In a typical series production the furniture is built first on the platform and after that walls are closed and sealed. This special way of construction of all Airstreams is one of the main reasons why so many vehicles built in the last 85 years still exist.

The design that makes an Airstream sp special, also helps saving fuel. Compared to a square box towing an Airtreams gives you about a 20% better fuel efficiency. Airstream founder Wally Byam already knew that this design has significant advantages in terms of aerodynamics, crosswind susceptibility and directional stability decades ago, Today, saving fuel and to increase safety when towing trailers is more important than ever.

Safety and comfort with Europe technology
To provide highest level of safety and comfort also to its customers in Europe, Airstream has designed a special European models range in 2006. European models are developed in accordance with European regulations and adjusted to size and weight to match European requirements. All appliances are supplied by European manufactures to makes sure service and spareparts are available in a reasonable time frame. The central heating system provided by Swedish manufacturer ALDE ensures a comfortable even in colder regions of Europe. Remote controlled electric manoeuvring systems help parking on narrow campsites and a fully automatic satellite system lets you watch TV in any European country in your native language.

For more detailed information about the differences between the US and Europe models on our FAQ page.